Colloquium: Giftedness Across the Lifespan: The Talent and Potential of Neurodiversity

  • Jan 3, 2023
  • Foundation Staff

The Mensa Foundation's work to better understand and support intelligence and giftedness across the lifespan continues with Colloquium 2023 on July 4 in Baltimore. The focus will be on the talent and potential of neurodiversity.

This daylong event will provide attendees a chance to learn about and discuss the unique experiences, challenges, and opportunities that the neurodiverse — those who think, process, learn, and behave differently — face as they move through the contexts, ages, and stages of life.

Our panel expertise blends hard science with personal anecdotes that deconstruct the unconventional mind's intellectual abilities. You’ll also consider the different frameworks of the neurodiversity movement. You’ll leave with a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of the human experience and its connection to the brain.

Attend in person at the Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor (same location as the Annual Gathering) or via livestream. Both registration options include a full day of learning from and connecting with leading global experts in their fields, a live panel discussion and Q&A session, and access to a private online community just for Colloquium registrants. In-person registration also includes the opportunity for face-to-face networking with attendees who share your interests and a plated lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

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