Calendar for the U.S. scholarship program

Local Secretaries and RVCs indicate participation by naming scholarship chairs in the local and regional programs via online forms.

Scholarship entry form is made available online. This link and the link to the scholarship application may be posted to the Local Chair's or Local Group's website. Chairs start recruiting judges.

Local Chairs send program information to school districts, colleges, the press, etc. The application form will be available online from Sept. 15 to Jan. 15.

Local Chairs have essays judged and enter local judging information online by Feb. 15.

Regional Chairs have essays judged and enter regional judging information online by March 21.

National Scholarship Chair(s) have essays judged and finalize the list of winners that is then approved by the Foundation Board of Trustees. The approved list is sent to Regional and Local Scholarship Chairs. This list is official by the end of June and is posted to this site at that time.

Local and Regional Scholarship Chairs prepare and submit their expense reports to the Foundation Director.

Local members sign up to be Local Scholarship Chairs for next year, or they assist their Local Group Presidents in finding their replacements.

The process of notifying winners begins mid-month.

June 1:
Scholarship winners are posted to the Foundation website.

All scholarship chairs and winners are invited to attend a reception at the Annual Gathering.

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