Named scholarships

For decades, the Mensa Foundation has carefully shepherded a variety of named scholarship funds in the memory of many individuals; these scholarships are awarded on a regular basis, often annually. Whether you recognize the individual names or not, we invite you to support the education of these students.

Named Scholarships

Peter Booras Scholarship
For student studying or planning a career in education. National scholarship.
Boudreau Scholarship $
Susan Burton Memorial Scholarship $
Peggy Deane Scholarship
Must be resident of Greater New York Mensa area. Regional scholarship.
Charlotte Duggar Memorial Nursing Scholarship
In recognition of the work of Charlotte Duggar, recognizing academic focus of nursing in a degree program that is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. The recipient must have a nursing license, either RN or LPN/LVN.
Harper Fowley-Isolated M Scholarship
Study for an undergraduate liberal arts degree. National scholarship.
Fruecht/McGrew Scholarship
Physics or chemistry major or someone returning or who has returned to school after an absence of 5 or more years. Regional scholarship.
Carol Gomez Memorial Scholarship
Must be resident of Delaware Valley Mensa area. Regional scholarship.
Haley Scholarship $
Chod Harris Memorial Scholarship
Must be resident of Redwood Empire Mensa area. Regional scholarship.
Dave Hunt Scholarship $
Helen Kupper Scholarship
Study of music or music education. National scholarship.
Rita Levine Scholarship
For a female returning or has returned to school after any absence of seven or more years. National scholarship.
Lester London Scholarship
Must be enrolled as a graduate student in history. National scholarship.
Marjorie Mandelblatt Memorial Scholarship
Mensa member and editor of the Bulletin. National scholarship.
John Matthews Scholarship
Must be resident of Central Indiana Mensa area. Regional scholarship.
McGrew Scholarship $
David Mann Memorial Scholarship
Study of aeronautical engineering or an aerospace field. National scholarship.
Walt & Mary McGrew Scholarship $
Don and Virginia Prince Scholarship
Honoring beloved parents, the recipient must be a veteran or the spouse of a veteran.
Tom Pyter Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship created by friends of Tom Pyter who was a Mensa member from Michigan. Regional scholarship.
Jerry Salny Scholarship $
J.F. Schirmer Scholarship
National scholarship.
Margot Seitelman Memorial Scholarship
Graduate student who plans a career in professional writing or teaching English grammar and/or writing. National scholarship.
Skinner HELL’s M’s Memorial Scholarship
Recognizing the work of Skinner and the Hell's M's Special Interest Group for studies in Interpersonal Communication or an emphasis/minor in Interpersonal Communication within a related degree program (e.g., Communication Studies) or studies in Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) or an emphasis/minor in ADR including related areas (e.g., mediation, conflict or dispute resolution, applied conflict studies).
Marion Stewart Scholarship $
Judy Vasiliauskas Scholarship $
Grace Harrington Wilson Memorial Scholarship
For a female student with a focus in journalism. National scholarship.
Joe Zanca Scholarship $
Mark J. Glancey and John G. Gray LGBT Scholarship
Applicant must openly identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

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