Support the Foundation's Local Group scholarships

For decades, the Mensa Foundation has carefully shepherded a variety of scholarship funds around the country; these scholarships are awarded on a regular basis, often annually. You do not need to be a member of these Local Groups to contribute to their scholarships.

Local Group Scholarships

Central Iowa Mensa Scholarship $
Chicago Area Mensa Scholarship
Must be resident of, or attend school in, the geographical area of Chicago Area Mensa. Regional Scholarship.
Connecticut & Western Massachusetts Scholarship $
Dave Felt Scholarship
For an undergraduate student who is a resident of the Greater Los Angeles Area Mensa group.
Debbie Kittenbacher Memorial Scholarship $
Denver Mensa Scholarship $
Greater Phoenix Mensa Scholarship $
Helen M Hughes Memorial Scholarship $
Horst Scholarship $
Joe Vitale Memorial Scholarship $
Memphis Mensa Scholarship $
Mensa Hawaii Scholarship $
Mid-Hudson Mensa Scholarship $
Minnesota Mensa Scholarship $
North Dakota Mensa Scholarship $
Northern Michigan Mensa Scholarship $
Northwest Florida Mensa Scholarship $
Orange County Mensa Scholarship
Must be resident of Orange County Mensa area. Regional scholarship.
Oregon & SW Washington Mensa Scholarship $
Oregon Mensa Scholarship $
Rhode Island Mensa Scholarship $
San Diego Mensa Scholarship $
Southern Nevada Mensa Scholarship $
Tom Jeffrey Memorial Scholarship $
Western Michigan Mensa Scholarship $
WPAM Three Rivers Scholarship $

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