The Mensa Foundation's Strategic Plan


Recognize, encourage and communicate excellence in human intelligence.


Achieve our vision globally through education, research and recognition programs.

(Core values are essential and enduring tenets of the
organization — a small set of timeless guiding principles.)

Intelligence benefiting humanity:

Demonstrated by support of initiatives that advance the use of intelligence in solving problems and seizing opportunities.

Valuing ideas and individualism:

Demonstrated by celebration of the power of differing views, admiration for independent thought, and appreciation of well-intentioned and informed criticism.

Intellectual integrity:

Demonstrated by organizational dedication to ethical, truthful and evidence-based decision-making.


Demonstrated by commitment to providing opportunities for fellowship among a global community of common interests.


EDUCATION: The Foundation will deliver, facilitate, recognize and reward excellence in education.

  • Provide quality programs and opportunities for interaction to reach the widest range of gifted youth worldwide.
  • Become a repository and creator of tools and resources for the gifted person and those who support them.
  • Provide quality educational opportunities through in-person and virtual experience.

RESEARCH:  Mensa Foundation will recognize, encourage and disseminate research on all aspects of intelligence.

  • Increase circulation of Mensa Research Journal by increasing awareness, distribution and scope.
  • Identify other means of disseminating research.
  • Provide direct support of existing/ongoing/developing research.

PUBLIC RECOGNITION: The Foundation shall bring awareness to the value of intelligence as it benefits society and recognize those that support its goals.

  • Explore opportunities to partner with other similar organizations.
  • Leverage our worldwide reputation through current and new awards and recognition programs.

GOVERNANCE: The Foundation shall be governed and managed efficiently, effectively and ethically.

  • Create opportunities for new and diverse voices to participate in leadership.
  • Develop a board culture that continuously encourages creativity and innovation.

FINANCE: Sufficient funds shall exist to accomplish its goals.

  • Create a culture of giving within Mensa.
  • Provide adequate resources to expand grant requests and sponsorships.


The Mensa Foundation is seen as THE Global Resource in all areas of intelligence.


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