Strategic planning

The Mensa Foundation's strategic planning efforts

What is strategic planning?

Strategic planning is designing a desired future and developing strategies for realizing it. The planning process gives important guidelines for making everyday business decisions and creates a template against which decisions can be evaluated. Strategic planning asks three simple but very important questions:

  • Where is your organization going?
  • What are the environmental factors that may affect how you do business?
  • How will you accomplish your goals?

The Mensa Foundation's Strategic Plan

Why is strategic planning important for the Mensa Foundation?

The Mensa Education & Research Foundation began its existence in 1971. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees with the American Mensa Committee as its membership. As the Foundation has grown in size and complexity, the board has worked to assist and manage this growth while it has carried out its duties on behalf of the Foundation: setting its policies and priorities and determining the organization's financial commitments.

Moving forward, a solid strategic plan will help the Mensa Foundation better define the authority and responsibility of the Board of Trustees, officers, committees and staff members, as well as set tangible goals — goals that will be important to the ongoing growth and development of the Foundation — and define measurements for the success of these goals.

The board hopes to become more strategic, spending more time on the big picture and less on operations. This means focusing more on the decisions that affect the ongoing growth and development of the Mensa Foundation and less on the development of rules and procedures.

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